Celebrity Before and After Weight Loss Success

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It is always fun to see celebrity before and after weight loss success pictures. Therefore we at Movie Star body searched the net and found four celebrities who lost the weight and look great. The before and after pictures are incredible to see. It really shows how a proper diet and exercise program can make all the difference.

Ricky Gervais lost over 20 pounds

If you want to lose weight like Ricky check out the Eat Stop Eating weight loss program. If Ricky can lose the weight so can you.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer looks beautiful with her new body. If you want to follow an exercise program that will get you lean without bulking you up check out Visual Impact for Women. It’s a muscle building program that will give you a slim figure like Jennifer.

Drew Carey lost over 80 pounds

Drew Cary cut out the carbs and worked out every day. If you need a muscle building program that will help you lose the weight and put on lean muscle we recommend Visual Impact for Men. It will give you that movie star body without bulking you up.

Raven Symone weight loss success

Raven Symone could not look any better with her slim and sexy body. If Raven can lose the weight so can you. If you need some help and want to follow an easy weight loss program checkout Eat Stop Eating. It’s one of the easiest weight loss programs to follow.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Can Be Found in Their Desire

Author: Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Perhaps you have looked at celebrity weight loss stories in the past with an envious eye. You might think that you could stay super trim too if your livelihood depended on it. The truth is you can learn a valuable lesson from celebrity weight loss secrets that you can apply to your own life.

Yes, celebrities clearly have a compelling reason to eat right and push themselves at the gym, for many of them their paycheck depends on the shape of their body.

I have spoken with many people who look at this as an unfair advantage that stars have over the rest of us but I want to tell you that the weight comes off of their bodies the same way it comes off of yours and mine, through effort.

The true celebrity weight loss secret can be found in one place – desire. It is there desire to stay fit so they can get roles and it is desire that will move you into action as well.

Desire is the start of action, it is what allows you to enter this weight loss journey. You can capture your desire just like the stars captured theirs. Now granted, your desire to lose weight might not be tied to getting a starring role in the movies but there are things that are vitally important to you that will motivate you to lose weight.

I like to have my clients create a long list of reasons they want to lose weight. This is a great way to uncover hidden but powerful reasons that weight loss is important for you. I suggest you take a pen a tablet and begin listing reason after reason.

What you will likely find is that the first 5 to 10 reasons are things you have thought of before and that are important but don’t pack a tremendous amount of desire, however, by the time your list reaches 15 or more you will start to uncover deep, heart-felt and emotional reasons why living at your ideal weight is so important.

This is how you can build your desire like the stars. Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets can be found in their strong desire and your weight loss success can be found in your own personal desire, discover your hidden desire by writing out all the reasons you want to lose this weight.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/celebrity-weight-loss-secrets-can-be-found-in-their-desire-1541963.html

About the Author

Dr. Becky Gillaspy is an experienced and respected weight loss coach. Her highly popular weight loss program reveals her inside secrets, tips and strategies that allow her clients to routinely lose up to 8 pounds in just 2 weeks. To discover her winning formula for FAST WEIGHT LOSS CLICK HERE.

If you are considering going on a diet or losing weight you will want to read THE WEIGHT LOSS BLUEPRINT to get started the right way.

I hope you had fun with the Celebrity Before and After Weight Loss list. It takes a little hard work but you can look and feel as good as these men and women if you follow the right exercise and diet program. Check out this exercise program Visual Impact for Women or Visual Impact for Men if you want quick movie star results.

Best – Movie Star Body

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