Dwayne Johson Workout: Train Like The “Rock”

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Dwayne Johnson, the “Rock”, just announced that he will be hosting WrestleMania XXVII. Dwayne made his start in wrestling and I’m sure the fans will be glad to see him back. The Rock has always been known for his incredible body. We at Movie Star Body searched the net to find out all of Dwayne Johnson’s workout and diet secrets. We found some great videos and links showing and discussing how he stays in such great shape for all his movies. Check them all out.

Dwayne Johnson Training and Diet Program

Dwayne Johnson Training – Dwayne Johnson’s Transformation

By Luke Johnstone

Have you ever wondered what Dwayne Johnson’s training routine is? I know I have. I remember seeing “The Rock” on TV in his early wrestling days, coming out of college football as a bulky 280 pound defensive lineman.

Now he graces the silver screen at a lean and ripped 225 pounds.

So what is Dwayne Johnson’s training regime that has enabled him to get so lean?

Well as you could imagine, Dwayne’s training has changed a lot since his football days. Back then, his training was all about becoming bigger, faster and stronger. Big heavy lifts and eating like an animal. He jokingly referred to himself back then as “The Samoan Michelin Man”.

However, once he became a wrestler, Johnson’s training routine changed, because he realised his flabby 280 pound body just wasn’t going to cut it, in the “superhero” world of pro wrestling. So he tightened up his diet and changed his training to lighter weights for higher reps with supersets and very little rest between sets to get the heart rate up and burn fat.

Doing this he dropped 20 pounds, and got down to 260.

Then as he was about to leave wrestling and pursue his acting career, he knew that being bulky is definitely something Hollywood frowns upon.

So he hired a new trainer, and managed to slice his body fat in half in 4 and a half months, going from 260 pounds, to a lean 245.

Here is Dwayne Johnson’s training regime during this time.

(Note: Taken from Men’s Health Magazine April 2004)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Resistance training:

Chest, back, biceps, calves: 5 sets, 15-20 reps, 30 second rest periods

Cardio: 5-minute warmup, 12 minutes at high intensity clip, 5-minute cool down.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday -Resistance training:

Quads, hamstrings, shoulders, triceps: 5 sets, 15-20 reps, 30-second rest periods

Cardio: 5-minute warmup, 12 minutes at high intensity clip, 5-minute cool down.


Nowadays he weighs in at 225 pounds and here is what Dwayne Johnson himself says about his training…

“My workout is my cup of coffee in the morning, my sanctuary. I do a lot of cardio…I keep that consistent, because I like having my heart rate between 120 and 130 for the entire hour and 15 minutes. I combine cardio with resistance training, weights and core training. It is all non-stop and the goal for me is to challenge myself every day with different workouts,”

Now although he works his butt off he wouldn’t have lost a pound of fat if his diet was messed up. His diet staples are protein shakes, beef, chicken breast, and vegetables.

So here is his diet taken from the April 2004 issue of Men’s Health.

Meal One- 10 egg whites, scrambled, 3 servings cream of rice or 1 cup oatmeal, 3 rice cakes, 24 oz water

Meal Two- 6-oz skinless grilled chicken breast, 1 cup grits, 6 oz yams, 1 cup of steamed asparagus, 24 oz water

Meal Three- 6-oz water-packed tuna, 1 cup brown rice, 1 sliced cucumber, 24 oz water

Meal Four- 6-oz perch fillet, 1 cup barley, 6-oz baked potato, 1 cup steamed green beans, 24 oz water

Meal Five- 6-oz pork tenderloin, 1 cup brown rice, 6-oz sweet potato, 1 cup peas, 24 oz water

Meal Six- 10 egg whites, scrambled, 3 servings cream of rice or 1 cup oatmeal, 24 oz water

Now if you are anything like me, you have probably just looked at his diet and thought “Screw that!”.

I remember seeing this, thinking “Damn The Rock must have some discipline!”

Nothing but super clean foods like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato, and lean, fat free meat. I remember back when I was dieting obsessively and I got to the point where I was struggling not to vomit as I chewed through my egg whites and tuna!


But it is good to see that Dwayne Johnson is human. Here is what he says about his diet.

“My diet is simple and very clean. I stay away from fried foods and fast food. But every third or fourth day, I do give myself the opportunity to completely gorge and I indulge in a little gluttony. I eat pizza or whatever I feel like. I do like a drink or two.”

I also remember Peter Berg, the director of The Rundown say that once a week, Dwayne would have half a dozen boxes of donuts to his trailer. He would share half of them with the crew and eat the other half himself!

Now that’s cool.

Dwayne Johnson still loves all those everyday “bad” foods that so many of us love. He just has them sparingly.

Well what if I told you could lose as much fat as you want, without EVER having to give up the foods that you love?

You could get as lean as you want, all while eating absolutely whatever you want every day, even if it was pizza, chocolate, ice cream, donuts, burgers or cereal.

In fact I have been overweight my whole life, and spent 7 years dieting obsessively trying to eat super clean like the Rock. But no matter how hard I tried I failed because my love for the “forbidden Foods” was just too much to stand.

Fortunately for me though, after 7 years of effort, I stumbled upon a way to lose 35 pounds of fat and get a six pack for the first time in my life, eating my favourite foods every day. Not once did I have to deprive myself or stop myself from having something I wanted.

For photo proof and more information as to exactly how I did it, head on over to http://www.junkfooddietsite.com

Stop doing it the hard way.

If you want to get lean and ripped like Dwayne Johnson, but you have been struggling to come to grips with dieting (because you absolutely love food!), then go now to http://www.junkfooddietsite.com because I my website will be perfect for you.

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Dwayane Johson Workout and Diet

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