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After watching Pink live from Australia in the Funhouse tour I realized she was in incredible shape. She did some amazing and physically challenging things on stage while sounding great. So we at Move Star Body had to find out the Pink workout routine. We searched the net and found out what keeps her looking so good and performing so well on stage. Checkout all the links, videos and articles below and have fun.

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Pink’s Women’s Health Interveiw

Pink the Singer: A Softer Shade | Women’s Health Magazine

An interview with Pink the singer — all about Pink music and Pink songs.

Publish Date: 05/20/2010 3:00

Pink Singer Workout

Fit Icon: Pink Singer Workout | Fitness – Women’s Health, Diet

Most singers have lean, dancer bodies but Pink has one hot, muscular bod and it’s something that anyone can get for themselves with enough hard work & determination! Remember to slowly increase your workout intensity and take baby steps …

Publish Date: 01/03/2011 8:00

Pink’s Six Pack Abs

Pink Six Pack Abs | Perfect Six Pack Abs

Pink Six Pack Abs – See Pink’s Pregnant Six Pack Self Portrait Taken By The One and Only Alecia Beth Moore.

Publish Date: 02/07/2011 19:15

Pink Does Over 500 Sit-Ups a Day

Celebrity Six Pack Secrets

By Owen Linnen

The celebrity six pack secret really isn’t a secret at all, nor is it some magical potion or pill that instantly turns flab into fab. You may even find it interesting to discover that neither Brad Pitt or Britney Spears has a team of personal trainers at their disposal, the simple secret to celebrity like abs is that you have to work for it. As I’ve just said, there is no magical pill, drug or potion that will instantly give you a six pack, it all comes from work.

Take for example the singer pink, she does over 500 sit-ups a day and just look at her body, it’s absolutely amazing.

So that’s it?

No. Everybody knows or everybody should known that exercise is only about 30% of the secret to getting a drop dead sexy six pack, the other 70% is diet. Quite frankly…

It is possible to get a six pack from eating food?

When I say diet, I don’ t mean a drastic food changing plan, I only mean a making smarter food choice. One in which you avoid junk/fast food and substitute that with fresh fruit and vegetables, etc… Take for instance, our celebrity examples: when was the last time you saw Brad Pitt stuffing his face at McDonalds? It just doesn’t happen, they’d rather be eating an apple.

To summarise, if you’re after celebrity like six pack abs, the combination of healthy eating with that of a well thought out abdominal exercise will definitely result in success.

So what’s a good abdominal exercise? Well, you can spend hundreds of dollars on expensive ab machines, or you can stop by my blog and read how my wife and I were able to lose over 190lb of fat and reveal are hidden six pack abs all from the comfort of home.

To visit the site, click the above link.

Owen is a bank manger from Adelaide, Australia that once was considerably overweight and out of shape, so one day, he and his wife Debbie decided to do something about it. Read about there journey on their wordpress blog.

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Funhouse Video

If you want to follow an exercise program and diet that will give you six pack abs like Pink, check out this program Visual Impact for Women.  It’s specifically designed for women who don’t want to overly bulk up from lifting weights; I’m sure it will work for you.

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