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Finally, the doors to apply for coaching are re-opening until:


Kicking off 2020, I decided to take on the biggest promise ever made by a coach in the fitness industry.

Promising to transform the lives of 300+ men with my new coaching program.

Each week, these men ranging from all backgrounds and different corners of the world, were following this fool-proof system, helping them slice off body fat and build flawless proportions.

The promise was simple:

Finally, the doors to apply for coaching are re-opening until:


Are You Ready for Results Like These?

The results are in! Check out the first batch of transformations from the Movie Star Body coaching program below.

These clients worked with me and my coaches from January until April when first launching coaching. The members of the coaching group are the men who take their results 100% seriously and make an investment against their excuses.

Unreal transformation by Caleb!

Caleb’s first 3 months were following the Warrior Shredding Program, and finished up his last 3 Months in Movie Star Body Coaching. Here’s what he said about his experience:

“Alright guys I finished the program Friday. I’ve immensely enjoyed these 12 weeks with you. I’ve learned so much through this program and group and I’m super thankful for that.

Throughout the 12 weeks I consistently dropped fat and gained a little size. I’ve never felt or looked better. This was definitely worth every penny.

Big thanks to everyone in this group!!!”

Tommy's results are in! After 12 weeks on the program here is what he has to say:


Today, I am so much more knowledgable on weight loss, Recomping AND Lean Bulking!

I’m even more confident than I was summer 2019. Loving life! Life is on the rise & improving in every aspect day by day!

Having this group along with all the positivity, energy & high vibes we have here is a complete game changer!

There’s too many of you guys I’ve personally bonded with to individually name you all! You’re all AMAZING individuals & love each every one of you!! 🔱

Daniel's unbelievable transformation accomplished after a year following Kinobody Programs!

Daniel’s transformation was accomplished over one year on Kinobody. The biggest changes happened in the last 12 weeks with Movie Star Body coaching!

Daniel went from 180 lbs and chunky, down to a chiseled and incredibly lean 145 lbs at 5’10! Now, he’s going to be adding 10-15 lbs of lean mass with the lean bulk protocol inside the program!

Michael cut 4" off his waist following the Movie Star Body Coaching program! Here's what he had to say:

“the program has been amazing and has given me a sense of confidence and control of my fitness goals.

I love the progressions from workout to workout and the strength gains I’ve been able to make. The biggest struggle I had was my diet and consistency, and I was able to overcome it with a lot more discipline around tracking.

I learned to enjoy weekends without heavy drinking and that really helped me stay on top of my goals.”

Christopher is 40 years old and finally hit his goal of single digit body fat after 12 weeks:

“It’s an exciting morning for me. MSB program said I could drop 10 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks. And this morning, I hit that goal: 138.6. I’m guessing I’m around 8.5% body fat now. Huge achievement for me.

I’ll turn 41 in June, and despite raising two teen daughters and one 14 month-old toddler and having a 60-70 hour/week job as a partner in a large law firm, I’m in the best shape of my adult life AND ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.

These last few months as part of this community have been the best part of that journey, particularly now in this era of isolation. I feel so privileged to be an Avenger. Excited to keep going and meet a bunch of you in person whenever it is we can do that!”

Chad went from average to absolutely ripped in 12 weeks on my Movie Star Coaching Program. This is an insane transformation for 3 reasons:

1) Chad achieved a level of leanness that so few people ever get to. His shoulders are striated, face chiseled to the bone and his abs are beyond visible. This is the 5-6% body fat range. Most fitness experts will never even reach this condition, let alone maintain it.⁣

2) Chad accomplished his transformation in just 12 weeks. This is pretty damn fast to go from looking average/skinny to having Brad Pitt Fight Club style definition. Safe to say, when Chad joined my coaching program he committed himself 100%. Followed the nutrition protocols 100%, got his 10k steps in and crushed each and every workout.⁣

3) Chad is 48 years old and looks better than 25 year olds in top shape. I hear so many excuses when people get into their 40’s. For example, the classic, “My metabolism isn’t what it used to be.”⁣

Alfred decided on his 37th Birthday that he would get in the best shape of his life, here's what he has to say:

“While I never really saw myself ‘out of shape’ (through the body fat, if I flexed and looked really hard, I could still see my abs). The truth is, I simply did not make my fitness a MUST. I was disciplined in everything else in my life, except my fitness – both the workouts AND nutrition.
Fast forward to by birthday in the summer of 2019. I turned 37 and told myself…

‘This is the year I will get into the best shape of my life.’

And here I am. In the best shape of my life…to date. I say to date because my journey is far from over. This is just the beginning.

Gregory O’Gallagher you have put together an amazing program. I never knew there was an enjoyable path to achieving the results I have so far. You are not only helping people change their body, you are changing attitudes, confidence, self-esteem…I admire you for that.”

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This is your chance to work with me.

The coaching group is a mastermind where we can get you on the right track and keep you there.

Our top priority is delivering results.

Each week, you will hop on group coaching calls with me and get your questions answered, along with my latest insights for fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle.

While our primary goal is to get you absolutely shredded, I want to see you living the life of your wildest dreams.

My coaches are around to help you with the details, and it’s my personal duty to commit you to the BIG PICTURE of actualizing your dream reality… Looking like a damn Movie Star, living in abundance, and achieving your all of your goals.

Inside this group, we are creating Kino Avengers from the bottom up.

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