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The BIGGEST PROMISE ever made in the fitness industry...

I’m transforming the bodies of 5000+ men following my most effective program ever designed. Movie Star Bodyweight was made to optimize your entire physique by helping you:

Cut to Single Digit Body Fat

Achieve Incredible Strength Gains

Reveal Flawless Movie Star Proportions

My name is Greg O’Gallagher, and my entire life’s mission boils down to one simple goal:

Seeing you get your DREAM body!

Movie Star Body is my most potent and efficient program to getting the lean and chiseled physique that exudes strength, functionality and sex appeal!

I’m going to show you the step-by-step proven process to go from an average physique to a Movie Star Body in 12 weeks.

You will learn how to do this without needing:

Just A Handful Of The Awesome Results From Guys Using My Programs:

You Will Experience:

Now, let’s talk about the POWER of building a Movie Star body…

You see the power comes when you get into Movie Star Shape. When you have the perfect combination of razor sharp definition, muscle size, and proportion.

Hollywood actors know just how important this effect is! It’s the difference between becoming a powerful movie star and never getting a chance to showcase your skills.

It’s the difference between captivating your audience as an absolute bad ass and instilling complete conviction vs. casting doubt in your audience.

Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Zac Efron… The list goes on! These actors have successfully gotten into Movie Star Shape and achieved their wildest dreams.

Now the Movie Star physique is actually well researched. In fact, the strongest universal sign of physical attraction in men is the perfect shoulder to waist ratio! It’s a shoulder to waist ratio of 1:1.6.

In fact, it’s known as the golden ratio! This is only ever achieved when you have a slim waist and perfectly developed upper pecs, delts and lats! When you achieve this ratio, life gets really good!

You command respect and authority everywhere you go! Men look up to you as leaders and women can’t help but feel attracted. You are projecting great health, strength and top tier genes before you ever open your mouth.

Get into Movie Star Shape and doors will swing wide open. You don’t have to be an actor to enjoy the benefits! But actors were the very first to catch on to the Movie Star physique!

Why So Few People Are in This Type of Shape

Let’s be honest, very few people will ever get into movie star shape. For years, this level of condition was reserved for a select few actors, olympic level gymnasts and a handful of pro athletes with top tier genetics.

You must achieve a few things to get into this type of shape:

Mastering Your Physique With Elite Bodyweight Training

The most effective strategy for building a Movie Star Physique is mastering your bodyweight. You see, elite bodyweight training is honed in on the secret equation to looking UNBELIEVABLE.

Relative strength is the key to a lean and chiseled Movie Star Physique!

Let’s face it, go to ANY gym, and you’ll see a bunch of guys benching 300+, squatting 400+ and heck, deadlifting 500+… But how many of these guys look unbelievable?

Invariably, each and everyone of them are bulky and lack that razor sharp definition. They have rounded faces, droopy chests and puffy features. It’s simple, if you’re pushing to lift as much weight as possible – it helps to be heavier.

Now, you can get shredded while lifting, but you have to really force yourself to lock into a calorie deficit.

Most lifters end up in the 12-15% body fat zone. Sure, they’ve got muscle and some definition, but it’s far from impressive.

With bodyweight training:
the leaner you are, the stronger you are!

With bodyweight training, the incentive is to have minimal fat and the perfect amount of functional muscle. Imagine trying to hit one-arm pushups or one arm chip-up with 10 extra pounds of fat. It’s going to be so much harder!

You see, plain and simple, the better you get with bodyweight training; The better you look!

The Advantages of Bodyweight Training

Elite bodyweight training is honed in on the secret equation to looking unbelievable (RELATIVE STRENGTH). This is why olympic gymnasts look so good! They are the strongest athletes in the world pound for pound. They have mastered their own bodyweight.

You see, when you lift a dumbbell or barbell, your hands are moving through space. This is known as an open chain exercise. Compare that to a one arm push up or pull up. Your hands are fixed and your body is moving through space. This is known as a closed chain exercise. Closed chain exercises improve muscle activation. You see, human beings are more effective at generating strength and power in closed chain.

As a result, you can build unbelievable strength and bust through plateau’s with the elite bodyweight training. In fact, I’ve worked with individuals that struggled to break a 225 lbs bench press. Once they focused on mastering their bodyweight – benching 225 lbs was EASY! Interestingly enough, some of the strongest lifters in the world, focus heavily on bodyweight movements like weighted chin ups and weighted dips. You can’t under-estimate the power of bodyweight movements for more muscle activation

Lets face it, lifting weights is cool and all, but doesn’t come close to developing the core strength that bodyweight training delivers! Don’t believe me?! Just take one look at high level gymnasts. They have the strongest abs on the planet.

Mastering bodyweight movements like one arm push ups, dragon flags and L-sits and hanging leg raises will do more for your core than anything in the world. This is real core strength!

Work through the bodyweight workouts, I’m about to teach you, and you are going to be blown away at the strength and definition you develop in your core. Your abs are going to become more developed and defined. What’s more, you are going to become a more functional and powerful athlete. You will be more explosive and powerful.

One of the coolest aspects of elite bodyweight training is that you can workout anywhere and anytime. You don’t need an expensive gym membership, you don’t need clunky equipment and you don’t need to commute 20 minutes to the gym.

With elite bodyweight training, you can workout on your terms! This is so powerful and makes getting into Movie Star Shape a guarantee! I don’t care how busy you are, you can find 30-40 minutes per day to train from home just three times per week.

What’s amazing is that in the beautiful summer months, you can do your training outside with the sun shining on your back in the fresh air. There is nothing like crushing an intense, hard hitting bodyweight workout outside.

Here’s the deal, when a Film Director wants to make his lead actor look like an absolute weapon, they shoot a bodyweight workout scene. Bodyweight training looks absolutely bad ass!

Just think about it, lifting a heavy weight is cool and all.. But most people don’t know what is impressive.
But everyone knows the strength and prowess it takes to do a push up with one arm. Everyone knows that doing handstand push-ups is bad ass!

You see, bodyweight training is awe inspiring. It demonstrates total mastery over one’s bodyweight. It demonstrates elite levels of functional strength and athleticism. Bodyweight training demonstrates real power. This brings me to my next point!

If you want to develop real power and functionality, look no further than elite bodyweight training. There is a reason why martial artists, boxers and navy seals focus heavily on mastering their bodyweight. Bodyweight training builds functional strength and power.

Mastering pull-ups, one arm push ups, muscle ups, L-sits and Muscle Ups – will develop total body strength, balance and functionality. Interestingly enough, the one arm push up is one of the best exercise you can do to develop knockout punching power. You see, the one arm push up, performed perfectly, will increase your strength in your upper body. But it will also improve anti rotational strength. The stronger your anti rotational strength is, the more power you can throw into your punches.

Now, bodyweight training will also keep you limber and mobile. You see, so many lifters end up with sore joints and nagging injuries. They become stiff and lose their speed. Bodyweight training does not do this. Bodyweight training supports an athletic, limber, injury free body. In fact, with my own combat training – I am faster and sharper when I focus exclusively on bodyweight training.

Who cares about being big and bulky! That look is so overdone and cheesy. It’s not functional, it’s not aesthetic and sure as heck, BEAUTIFUL women aren’t dreaming about big bulky physiques. And damn right they aren’t liking big bulky dudes photos on Instagram. The Movie Star Body is what will give you a secret advantage in life. You will be lit up with opportunity. Well, guess what?! Elite bodyweight training will develop the movie star physique. It forces you to be lean and to achieve razor sharp definition. With bodyweight training, you’ll find you naturally lean out and your appetite falls into place.
  • Master the one arm push-up and you will develop amazing chest, triceps and abs.
  • Master pull-ups and chin ups and you will have a powerful back and bulging biceps.
  • Master full range handstand push-ups and your shoulders will be envied by the bodybuilders in your gym.
Elite bodyweight training is the perfect protocol if you want to develop a Movie Star physique like Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig or Zac Efron.

Movie Star Bodyweight Clients

The Goals of Elite Bodyweight Training

Goal #1: Increase strength and muscle density with elite bodyweight progressions

The first half of the workouts are designed to build you up to elite moves like one arm push ups, one arm chin ups, pistol squats and full range handstand push ups.

Whether you’re an advanced trainee or novice – I have the perfect variation for you.

As you build up to the elite moves your physique is going to become strong and powerful.

Goal #2: Perform high volume on basic movements to produce more muses size and fullness

The second half of the workout is designed to stimulate maximum muscle growth and fullness.

We will be performing higher reps and shorter rest periods on basic moves like incline push ups, triangle push ups, dips, chin ups, commando chin ups… This style of training helps to maximize muscle growth via sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

The combination of elite bodyweight progressions and high rep training on basic bodyweight movements will sculpt a muscular and godlike physique!

Introducing Movie Star Body Build A
Shrink Wrapped Physique in 12 Weeks

The First Phase Is the Strength & Density Phase

The first physique is designed to improve strength and density. We will be performing the key bodyweight exercises and working through the progressions. The goal is to increase your strength profoundly.

We will be keeping the volume low. The goal is to improve muscle density and sharpness.

This phase sets the stage for rapid increases in muscle size and fullness.

The Second Phase is the Strength & Size Phase

After finishing the first phase, we will be strategically increasing volume (the number of sets and reps) on key muscle groups and exercises. This will help to encourage more muscle growth and size.

You see, muscle growth is triggered from the right combination of tension and volume. The stronger you become on elite bodyweight movements, the more muscle you will build. That said, we can turbo change this by strategically increasing volume on key bodyweight movements.

So in this phase, we will continue progression through the elite bodyweight moves, but we will also be challenging your musculature with higher volume and higher reps.

The Third Phase we will double down on your Shrink Wrap

This is when things get insanely tough (but rewarding). This is when we are implementing an insanely effective strategy called Kino Density Training.

After working through our elite bodyweight progressions, we will be performing high reps and short rest periods on key movements. This will trigger quick increases in muscle size via Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy.

By cutting rest times down on specific exercises, you will build up a tone of cumulative fatigue. To better handle this, our muscles will increase the sarcoplasm within the muscle cells.

Sarcoplasm is a fluid like substance that will help your body handle high volume training and help your body recover from short rest times.

This quick increase in muscle size, combined with the strength and density you developed, will give you an unbelievable physique. Your skin will become shrink wrapped, and you will look like you walked off the movie screen. This is insanely powerful.

Introducing the Movie Star Nutrition Program

I have designed my most effective and transformative nutrition protocol to date. You see, when you want to get into incredible condition we must learn how to strip off fat and gain muscle. We must turn your body into a fat melting, muscle building machine! Now, we must also consume the perfect amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbs – each and everyday. My latest nutrition protocol is going to make transforming your body automatic.

I will show you exactly how many calories and protein you must eat each day to strip off fat and pack on the perfect amount of muscle. I’ll show you the most enjoyable diet strategy that will make getting downright shredded a walk in the park.

We will be utilizing intermittent fasting and a specific eating style that works like gangbusters.

Hundreds of my clients that were never able to lean down with ease and get below 10% body fat, are now shredded with ease! Once they implemented this diet strategy with their bodyweight training – their physique transformed before their eyes!

In this full blown nutrition program I will teach you exactly how to master the nutrition to building the body of your dreams. Forget food scales and food tracking apps. I’m going to show you how to seamlessly lock in on the perfect calorie intake and protein intake with ease!

I’ll show you my secrets to make hitting your calories and protein – AUTOMATIC.

Featured Client Meals

Yes, these meals perfectly fit the Movie Star Nutrition plan. Plus, the secret sauce to getting you ripped is crafting a diet strategy which you love! This means, there’s no chance of failure. 95% of diets fail because of lack of adherence.

Our clients get ripped every time because they love it!

Strategies To Turbo Charge Results

The Recomposition Strategy

This strategy utilizes lower calorie days and higher calorie days to turn on the fat burning switch and turn on the muscle building switch.

You see, when you are always eating at a calorie deficit, eventually, muscle growth comes to a screeching halt and fat loss slows down.

What’s more, if you’re always eating at a calorie surplus eventually muscle growth slows down and fat gain ensues!

Well, I’ll show you how to utilize low calorie days and strategic high calorie days to melt off fat and pack on muscle and build the body of your dreams!

Simply put, I can’t stress how valuable and how transformative the nutrition plan is! Best of all, it is designed to perfectly fit the 12 week training program!

The Lean Bulking Strategy

The goal of the movie star body lean bulk protocol is to maximize muscle growth without fat gain. Done correctly, you should experience very impressive strength and muscle gains while staying lean.

In fact, on a lean bulk protocol, your training will be amplified. You will make faster strength and muscle gains than you ever experienced before.

You see, this program is designed to get you stronger and more muscular in a small calorie deficit. Now just imagine how effective this program is for strength and muscle gain when you’re eating in a calorie surplus.

You’re going to experience incredible strength and muscle gains! It’s pretty damn crazy. In fact, last year, I followed this lean bulk system and got to my biggest and strongest physique of my life. It was absolutely insane.

Are You Ready for Results like These?

The Movie Star Bodyweight Training Includes:

"But there are so many bodyweight exercises and workouts for free? Why Should I Invest in this Program?"

Every exercise under the sun is available for free! You aren’t investing in this program to learn new exercises.

You’re investing in a training system that will allow you to progress up to elite level moves while building the physique of your dreams in the process.

A system that allows for weekly increases in strength and muscle development. A system that works to build you up to one arm push-ups and handstand push ups and one arm chin ups – while packing on dense muscle.

You’re investing in a system that will show you exactly how to eat and how to fast to strip off fat and pack on muscle.

This is what you’re investing in.

A full blown system! It’s been my life long quest to put together the most effective system on the planet for building a body that is strong, functional and ready for the movie screen!

Once you start this program, you will be so damn glad you did! The only problem you will have is that you didn’t start a week ago.

Now, it’s also important to state that 95% of bodyweight workout programs are ineffective.

They focus on performing endless repetitions of basic exercises. They are designed in circuit fashion.

This does not cut it.

To build a jaw dropping physique the primary goal is creating tension and building elite strength! Doing endless reps of push ups, squats, sit ups and chin ups – will do nothing for you! Once you can do 15 reps on an exercise, there is nothing more to gain.

We must work up to harder movements. Burning yourself with circuits and basic exercises will give you very limited results. Mastering elite level moves will turn you into a god!

Movie Star Body combines the best elements of elite bodyweight training with the perfect amount of volume over three hard hitting phases to craft a physique for the movie screen! I’ve put in my ten thousand hours, so you don’t have to!

Join this program and start crushing your goals!

Mastering Your Physique With Elite Bodyweight Training

Stop kidding yourself.

I know you’re serious about getting into incredible shape, that’s why you’re here after all. And I know you want to come out of this period of isolation living your absolute best life in Movie Star Shape.

If you’re still reading this – it probably means you haven’t locked in your spot yet. And it’s my duty to give you that last push, so that 12 weeks from now you’ll be revealing your most incredible shape.

Don’t let yourself one day look back and have to realize: “it’s too late.” Don’t let it be too late to take control of your own life.

Right now, you have a choice.

This program is designed to get you into Movie Star Shape in 12 weeks, and let me tell you, your life is going to transform. While everyone else is waiting for life to return to “normal”, we’re going to be leveling up and doing everything in our power to realize our dream life.

12 Weeks From Now…

  • Wake up with a physique carved out of granite
  • Have your jawline sharpened, veins popping, abs clearly visible
  • Each day feel satisfied with your results & driven to keep
    pushing the envelope


This is what the Kino Warrior lifestyle is all about.

This Kino Warrior Lifestyle Will Have You Experiencing:


$ 47
One-Time Payment for LIFETIME ACCESS
  • 12 Week Elite Bodyweight Training
  • Movie Star Diet Structure
  • Bodyweight Training Tutorial Vault
  • BONUS #1: Jumprope workout for rapid Fat loss
  • BONUS #2: Hybrid Workout (Integrating Weights)
  • BONUS #3: Trap Training Protocol
  • BONUS #4: Lean Bulking Protocol
  • BONUS #5: Recomposition Module
  • BONUS #6: Exclusive Facebook Group


$ 77
One-Time Payment for LIFETIME ACCESS
  • Movie Star Body Phase One
  • Movie Star Body Phase Two
  • Movie Star Body Phase Three
  • Movie Star Body Training Tutorials
  • FULL Movie Star Bodyweight Training Program
  • Movie Star Body Nutrition
  • Advanced Cardio & Abs Workout
  • BONUS #1: Jumprope workout for rapid Fat loss
  • BONUS #2: Recomposition Module
  • BONUS #3: Lean Bulking Protocol
  • BONUS #4: Neck Training for the Alpha look
  • BONUS #5: Exclusive Facebook Group
  • BONUS #6: Hypnosis for Physique Mastery

Frequently Asked Questions:

Starting out it’s great to have a base level of strength, like performing 10 push-ups and 5 chin ups. That said, we’ve had many clients join that couldn’t perform a chin-up and after the first month, managed to bang out 5.

Most of the workouts for bodyweight training can be performed with zero equipment! We recommend having access to a pull up bar. Bonus equipment include cinder blocks or parallel bars for L-sits and full range pike push ups and handstand push ups. A pair of exercise bands or adjustable dumbbells can be used for this program but not necessary. Our

Platinum program is a 12 week weight lifting protocol, having access to a bench, a full bar, plates, a set of dumbbels is great – most things which one can find at their local gym.

We have an incredibly effective diet protocol to follow. That said, this approach revolves around intermittent fasting (until lunch each day) and hitting the appropriate number of calories and protein. Therefore, you can eat your favorite foods and meals while leaning down. Steak and potatoes, chocolate for dessert and lots of fruit fit the bill perfectly. That said, we also have some vegans that have adapted the diet to their needs.
Our clients consistently see results on just the second week of the program. It’s so awesome. That said, the real physical changes happen around the 4-week mark. This is where your friends will really start to notice. And by week 12 you will be blown away at the transformation you made. Of course, this only happens when you follow the program and are committed.
Most fitness programs do not work. They fail to focus on the variables and levers that really matter. Once you join this program, there’s no going back! Within the first 1-2 weeks, you will see dramatic improvements in strength. As well, you will be leaner and sharper. There’s a reason why we have so many incredible transformations. Most of our clients failed countless times before jumping on this program!
When you transform your body and improve your physique and confidence, life improves greatly. Investing in a PROVEN workout program is one of the best decisions you can make. So many of our clients began to excel in life, once they got their physique dialed in. It has dramatic effects on your confidence and even produces the halo effect. Being in top shape gives you a massive advantage in life.
Here’s what’s so amazing, I don’t care how busy you are, this is the perfect program to transform you. There are three workouts per week and each workout is approximately 45 minutes! If you want to train more, we have bonus workouts you can do on the other days. But let me tell you, when you are training intensely and pushing for personal records each session – three workouts per week gets the job done better than anything.

Here’s what’s crazy, many of my clients came to me after training 5-6 days per week and eating a super clean diet of 5-6 small meals per day. They were stuck, burnt out and frustrated. They switched to my program and they TRANSFORMED. How is this possible? How is it that doing less can work better?!

Here’s the reality, transforming your physique is simple. The goal is to increase strength and achieve progressive overload. This is why you build muscle in the first place. Now by training just three days per week, you give your body unbelievable recovery. Your muscular system and your nervous system. In fact, it’s a known fact that it takes your central nervous system about 48 hours to recover after an intense training session. So by training three days per week, you are well recovered and stronger each session. This is why my clients achieve unbelievable gains.

What’s more, absolutely, you can eat delicious meals and steak dinners and chocolate while getting shredded. Sounds to good to be true? It’s not. Fat loss is a simple equation. It’s about being in the perfect calorie deficit and consuming sufficient protein. When you begin fasting, you’ll be blown away at how much food you can eat – while hitting your calories and protein.

Now when you fall in love with your diet, getting into unbelievable shape becomes effortless. To the contrary, you can eat a clean diet of chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli – and if you overeat your calories, you can actually gain fat! My strategy is to make the diet focused on results. To ensure you hit the right numbers so your physique transforms. As well, it’s my goal to make the diet so enjoyable and easy to follow that getting the physique of your dreams is a walk in the park! There’s a reason why we have thousands of movie star transformations. Brutal diets aren’t sustainable.

Absolutely! Every single transformation shown, has been posted on my instagram @gregogallagher.. Each client has been tagged. Heck you can scroll through my instagram and privately message them if you like. I get sent unbelievable transformations daily and we get epic transformations posted in our fb group all the time. This program works better than anything and you are going to absolutely love it! No other program competes.
We offer a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase on digital programs.

Transformations Following Movie Star Body

“But Greg, money is tight, I'm on the fence?”

I get that! I remember feeling stuck in life. To my friends and everyone around me, I was doing great! But to ME, I wasn’t!

I wasn’t happy! I was getting complacent and losing my drive and spending too many nights out. I was simply stuck. Sure as heck, I wasn’t put on this earth to coast! I wanted to keep crushing my goals, I wanted to keep rising to the next level.

Well, I had the chance to work with a top success coach. It was going to be $5000 for 12 weeks of coaching. I didn’t want to do it! I was scared to invest. Scared to put the money on the line. But I realized something…

The real cost was not the $5000 cash. The real cost was actually NOT investing. Not investing in myself. The real cost was letting my life slip by. Day after day, week after week. Drifting along just living the same life. Same problems. Same situation. Same outcomes (if not slightly worse over time).

You see, I was thinking backwards. I remember giving my coach excuses about why I can’t sign up, why it’s not a good time… And he crushed those excuses into oblivion with one simple response: “LET’S DO IT ANYWAYS”

Excuses are exactly that – they’re excuses! So I’m telling you, Regardless of whatever is “holding you back”…LET’S DO IT ANYWAYS. When you go from being strong, fit and in pretty solid shape to Movie Star Status – that’s when things get really fun.

To heck with waiting! Life is short, and we owe it to ourselves to make the most out of it NOW.

Good Shape VS. Movie Star Shape

Life gets exciting when you completely break away from the pack! When you crush your competition.

This means going from solid, all-around good shape to Movie Star Shape.

Lets face it, there’s a lot of guys that are in decent shape. The POWER comes from getting to the next level. This is when you get an UNFAIR advantage. In the dating scene, in social connections and YES, in your work life.

Your personal brand power will sky rocket when you CRUSH your physique goals and look like a damn Movie Star! Work with me and in 12 weeks I guarantee you will build your best body ever. But what is going to come after that is the REAL value!

Living the life of your dreams!!! Incredible dating life, vibrant social life, leader to your friends and connections everywhere you go. These are the perks of having the Movie Star Body badge.

Now if you are FIRED UP! Then I would love nothing more for you to be part of My Program. Seriously, this my most value packed program I have ever designed. This is my most effective 12 week program to look like an absolute movie star and get into shrink wrapped shape.

If you get just 10% of what I want you to get out of this program, that will easily be worth $1000, $2000 or even $3000. But damn right, I’m going to make sure you get everything out of this program.

Can’t wait to see you inside! – Greg

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