How To Eat to go from Average to Muscular, Rock-Solid Greek God Shape

By: Chef Ricky Agnessi

Chef Ricky Agnessi, author of Movie Star Chef

Eating to obtain the Greek God physique means eating an epic dinner every night. We’re eating to build lean hard muscle, so no tiny salads or your typical bodybuilding meal like chicken, rice and broccoli!! We’re going completely against all rules here, we’re changing the way we build our best bodies and we’re doing it with style.

I’m talking about steaks and potatoes baby!!! 12- 16oz of juicy sirloin steak with deliciously buttered, super crispy KINO potato wedges and a side of perfectly seasoned veggies. OMG that sounds awesome!!! Doesn’t it???

Following the diet guidelines from the Greek God program, we are able to enjoy this massive post-workout feast and a delicious dessert before bed every day. So we’re fasting throughout the morning, skipping breakfast, eating a moderate sized lunch, training in the afternoon, and then having a huge GREEK GOD DINNER with plenty of carbs and a huge serving of protein!

Here is an example meal schedule:

  • Wake up at 7 a.m.

  • 7 am to meal 1: Water or Sparkling water, Coffee, KINO AMINOS.

  • 12:00 – 2 PM: Meal 1(400 – 600 calories) KINO KRISPIES with 2 fruit and 1 scoop of KINO COLLAGEN

  • 5 pm: Workout

  • 6:30 – 7:30 pm: Meal 2 (1,000 – 1,400 calories) 14 oz sirloin steak cooked in butter, 600g russet potatoes tossed with coconut oil and a side of veggies

  • 10 pm: KINO dessert (600 – 800 calories) chocolate or one of the delicious desserts from the new movie star chef cookbook.

Greg O'Gallagher, author of Greek God Program & Movie Star Body


Rule #1 - The importance of keeping things simple...

To master your goal physique in the kitchen the most important rule you must follow is to keep things simple. Too many people try to create these huge meals with tons of ingredients and multiple steps to follow which ends up being too complicated for no reason.

Studies show that people who keep their diet simple get the best results. Choose your protein source then choose your carbs, cook them with some oils and perfectly season them with salt and pepper and there you have it!!! Doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Occasionally, you can swap this type of meal for something more fancy like a fully loaded burger or a Mexican platter, but remember keep the majority of the week simple.

Rule # 2 - The importance of staying full and satisfied.

This rule is one of the most important of all!! You can eat the most perfectly healthy meal out there with the perfect macronutrient ratio, but if you are not full and satisfied after eating, all that means nothing!!

The goal here is to choose foods you love, foods that you know will get the job done. You see, I can eat a bunch of almonds and some oats, chia seeds and a veggie smoothie on the side and say that this was a really healthy lunch. But what I really wanted was a juicy homemade burger with KINO potatoes and air fried brussels sprouts. This will only lead to not feeling satisfied and wanting too binge later on, then overeating and feeling sick and guilty.

Your willpower will eventually give in and you will break.

Rule # 3 -The importance of keeping things balanced.

Balance is key when your goal is getting into your best shape. Like I said in the previous rule,

you can fight your willpower and completely eliminate delicious desserts and eventually fail, or you can fit them in your daily diet and feel like a king at the end of the day. Demonizing carbs, fats or dessert type meals is the worst thing you can do when your goal is achieving your best body.

You should always include healthy foods in your diet to make sure that you’re getting proper nutrition and not lacking any vitamins, but the key is to keeping your diet balanced so you get the best from both worlds.


The benefits of having steak and potatoes in your daily diet are exactly what we just learned in the previous section. There is no dish that is more simple and delicious when it comes to getting into awesome shape. Plus the macro breakdown is so

perfect!!! A great balance of protein, carbs and fats make this dish a no brainer. You will see after eating this meal you’ll feel so full and satisfied that you’ll wonder why you never made this dish a staple before.

In the next section I’ve included a full recipe for you to try out tonight!! I’m positive that you’re going to love this dish!! That’s a promise.


Total Calories: 1,463
Total Macros: 113C / 79F / 77P


14 oz sirloin steak
600g russet potatoes
3 tsp olive oil (for steak)
1 tbsp butter
2 tsp coconut oil (for KINO potatoes) 4 Garlic cloves
Fresh rosemary
Salt and pepper
85 Broccoli

Directions for STEAK

  • Remove steak from fridge and pat down with paper towel to remove any moisture

  • Season both sides evenly with salt and pepper

  • Massage in salt and pepper well

  • Let the steak rest about 5-8 minutes before cooking, to let the seasoning settle in

  • Pour the oil on to the cast iron pan and let heat on high temp

  • Place steak on to the pan carefully, away from yourself

  • Flip steak every 30 seconds

  • Once all sides are seared add the butter to the pan (about

    8 min of flipping total)

  • Once butter melted add the garlic and rosemary

  • Continue flipping every 30 sec and baste the steak with the juices

  • Let rest 8-10 min

Direction for KINO POTATOES

  • Wash and cut potatoes into wedges

  • Add to a pot and cover with cold water

  • Bring water to a boil on high temperature then let simmer for 10-15 minutes until soft

  • Drain the potatoes

  • Toss in a bowl with coconut oil and salt

  • Place in the oven at 450 degrees F for 35-40mins flipping once, until crispy

  • Remove from oven, add more salt and serve

    Enjoy this epic feast with a side of your favorite veggies seasoned with salt and pepper

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