Lose Fat, Reveal Incredible Muscle Tone, and Achieve the Slim Look in 12 Weeks

If you’re ready to completely transform your life then read every word below..

Greg here, let me just get right to it!

I hate to say it, but the fitness industry is filled with mis-information.

Women have not had a proper system to follow which guarantees results.

A system that guarantees each week you look betterbecome stronger and get leaner.

Kino Baddie is a system guaranteeing success and I’m going to show you exactly how you will transform from head to toe in just 12 weeks.

12 weeks from now, my goal is to give you the body of your dreams.

I’m talking downright stunning shape.

Slim, fit and toned with the perfect amount of lean muscle.

I want you to not just look absolutely amazing, I want you to be strong, fit and capable too!

Well, the Kino Baddie program delivers exactly that. 

This is the most effective system in the world for melting off fat, feeling and looking your best and developing perfect lean muscle and shape.

But first, let me show you exactly why my thousands of clients are producing the best results in the entire fitness industry…

When I first started my own fitness journey almost 15 years ago; I was lost. Knowing I wanted to build an amazing body, I spent years following dozens of programs and fad diets hoping I could achieve this goal. Working tirelessly towards my vision of my dream body, I wasted hours every day doing endless cardio, eating miserable meals, and growing increasingly discouraged by how impossible it started to feel.

This is when I decided to take the power back into my own hands, launching me into researching peer-reviewed studies, testing new and simple approaches for training and nutrition which finally created the body of my dreams.

I found the way out, no longer just spinning my wheels, and started to share my journey online, connecting with men and women showing them just how easy transforming your body can be!

Check Out These Incredible Women Who Transformed Their Bodies Following My Programs!

Earlier this year, I released my most effective fitness program for men called Movie Star Body. The results these men produced within 12 weeks are taking the world by storm.

But here’s the thing, I’ve since had hundreds of women pouring into my inbox asking for a program made just for them – A simple and effective approach to help women lose fat, build sleek muscle tone, and achieve a slim & sexy look in 12 weeks.

I put my head down the last couple of months and crafted the perfect formula for achieving exactly this…

The 8 Steps to Becoming a Total KINO BADDIE...

STEP 1: Hitting Calories & Protein

If you want to build a really lean body you need to hit the right calories and protein. This is what allows your body to transform. Eat too little, lose muscle. Eat too much, gain fat. We’re going to dial things down based on your body type with the right calories and protein.

STEP 2: Making it Effortless

Once we have your nutrition numbers handled, we need to make the diet downright EFFORTLESS. I want you feeling satisfied every day, eating foods you love from something healthy to the occasional treat, I want you to feel full by making this simple and easy to follow. If you can’t stick to it, it’s not going to work, which is why this plan is going to be so enjoyable for you. Using cool strategies like intermittent fasting so you can still eat AMAZING MEALS while melting off fat and building muscle.

STEP 3: Proper Strength Training

The secret to building an amazing body is with proper strength training. This is what will help you build lean muscle, and support fat loss, to make sure the pounds you’re dropping are pure body fat and not muscle mass. This improves your body composition, making it the key to looking slim and fit is strength training. If you only ever did dieting and cardio, you’d lose muscle and look skinny-fat. Strength training maintains that sleek muscle tone.

STEP 4: Train like an Artist

If you want to build an amazing body, you need to treat fitness as if you’re an artist. It’s not just about putting on muscle and size everywhere – instead you gotta focus on the ratios that we’re building. Working out for the perfect butt, keeping toned legs, increasing strength in your upper body. We’re approaching strength training like an artist deliberately carving out a sculpture.

STEP 5: The Power of Walking

We’re going to be using the best tool for increasing and speeding up fat loss – walking!  Why is walking the best for this? Well, when you’re doing tons of cardio, you’re actually increasing your appetite – so you may burn 400-500 calories, but then you eat it all back.

When you walk you lower appetite, lower your stress, boosts your immune system, and elevate your mood – while keeping your hunger at bay. This makes walking the greatest tool for sticking your the diet.

STEP 6: Tracking Your Results

When I get my clients their best results, I make sure you’re tracking. Tracking your lifts, your measurements, your photos, everything! Because when you’re consistently tracking, you’ll see your body transform drastically.

If you’re not tracking, you simply don’t know what’s happening. To really master the body of your dreams, you must be tracking your progress (like anything in life!). No matter how boring this sounds, it’s a crucial step for your transformation.

STEP 7: Mastering Mindset

In this program we talk a lot about mindset. We have a self-hypnosis coming to begin really imagining the body of your dreams, and believing you’re deserving of it. If you don’t believe you can get it, you’re not going to get it.

I’m making it my job to instill that belief in your head, helping you build this amazing body, which is melting off fat, crafting toned muscles, and having you stick to the plan of accomplishing your 12 week fitness goals. A total Kino Baddie has planted this seed in her head, mastering your mindset is what allows your to truly transform…

STEP 8: Enjoying Your Lifestyle!

The final step boils down to you living an amazing lifestyle. A Kino Baddie isn’t obsessed with the gym or overthinking the tiniest details of her diet, because this is what will drive you crazy and lead you to fall off.

I want to show you how to crush your goals while living an amazing life. Your dream life, conquering your career goals, personal goals, and letting fitness be the force multiplier in your life. A Kino Baddie can have a balanced approach, which even supports you enjoying a couple of drinks, while taking care of your health and achieving your everything you want!


I’m going to reveal exactly how to build a toned, sexy, “Hollywood” body – without starving yourself or spending needless hours slaving away in the gym. This program is not just some senseless fitness plan to help you  simply drop fat and gain muscle – it’s handcrafted to develop a specific body type in mind.

Imagine This...

If you’re sick and tired of not knowing how to transform your body, where you should begin, which nutrition plan you should follow, then let me show you why Kino Baddie is the program for you.

The purpose of this program is to show you how to lean down and really enjoy the process so that you can maintain the body of your dreams.

Kino Baddie is structured in 3 simple phases, each phase is 4 weeks long and designed to progressively lock in your transformation.

We’ll be using nutrition protocols proven to strip off fat and support lean muscle growth, how to properly use intermittent fasting to keep you feeling full and cut out binge eating once and for all, along with a kick-ass training routine targeting your lower body twice a week to fire up your booty, and one epic upper body session a week to build that proportioned aesthetic.

Now, before I reveal exactly what’s inside Kino Baddie, I want to introduce someone who will be joining us along this journey. I recruited a fellow Baddie who implemented these philosophies, helping her drop 35lbs of fat and ultimately build the body of her dreams…

Meet Coach Lindsey!

Four years ago, Lindsey was 35lbs heavier than she is now, eating a diet full of processed foods, struggling with binge eating, not exercising, and overall was a deeply unhappy person.

When she decided she was fed up with this lifestyle, she first resorted to trying every diet and workout program on the market – even pushing into extreme detox health fads.

Finally, Lindsey stopped all that nonsense and decided to actually listen to her body. This is the shift that got her hitting her goals.

She fell in love with intermittent fasting, started following a simple training approach, and day by day she began to feel more in control of her life.

Her passion for fitness and nutrition has transcended beyond herself, and she’s now focused on sharing her journey, while joining me inside Kino Baddie to help motivate and inspire women just like you along your journey.

Together we are committed to seeing you realize your fitness goals and start rocking a sexy & fit body you’re proud of.

Not only that – we’re going to show you how easy it can be to make small weekly wins that add up to a life changing transformation after 12 weeks.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking:

Greg this sounds incredible…

But… What if Kino Baddie isn’t for me?


Here's the deal, if you...

Then I’ll be honest, Kino Baddie isn’t made for you.

But, if you are someone who…

Joining Kino Baddie is the BEST THING you can for yourself right now!

With this program, you will accomplish a life-changing physical & mental transformation. I’ve designed our next 12 weeks together to make the process of crafting your dream body a no-brainer. Take a look at what you get instant access to when you join right now:

Take a Look Inside:

The first Module of the program is dedicated to undoing the damage done by the fitness industry. We can’t begin this quest together until we take a hard look at all the lies you’ve been told and have maybe fallen prey to.

My goal is to present the TRUTH about building an incredible body, with a no-nonsense nutrition and training plan. When you join Movie Star Baddie, I’m going to first show you:

Kino Baddie Nutrition Plan:

I’m going to break down three different strategies for your journey depending on your goals. You see, you may be reading this now and wanting to shed a few extra pounds that have been weighing you down,  or you may want to focus on building muscle tone… Whatever it’s going to be I’ve got a nutritional strategy for you:

The Cutting Plan:
For the cutting plan you are going to be eating at the perfect calorie deficit to strip off fat, improve muscle tone and shape and look and feel your best! This will allow you to stay satisfied, maintain high energy and get stronger in the gym. The result is that you will drop fat, improve your shape and feel great! 

With this set up, most women will lose about 3-4 pounds of fat per month. That said, many of my clients actually see faster results than this and lose up to 6 pounds of fat per month.

The Recomposition Plan:
Now the goal of the recomposition plan is to drop 1.5-2 pounds of fat each month and improve muscle tone! The recomp protocol is best for women that just have a few pounds of fat they want to drop and they want to gain muscle.

The Lean Muscle Gain Plan:
For the lean muscle gain plan, the goal is to gain muscle each and every week and increase strength. Now the research shows us that women can gain about 10-12 pounds of muscle in a year. So that’s about 1 pound of muscle per month. Therefore the calorie intake needs to reflect this.

12 Week Training Program:

This is when the real fun begins! I’ve created a 3-Phase system to build you into a Kino Baddie! Building lean muscle requires two key components.

The first is intensity! Intensity refers to how much resistance you’ll be lifting. In order to build lean muscle, you need to dial in proper intensity.

The second component is volume and frequency. In this program, you’ll be hitting lower body two times a week, and one upper body workout keeping volume lower. This ensures amazing results over the next 12 weeks. The goal of the program is about getting you stronger each and every week. In fact, the stronger you get on exercises – the better you look and feel.

With Kino Baddie you only need to train 3 days a week!

On Mondays...

We kick off each week with an epic lower body routine. Targeting your glutes and some bonus work on your core. Creating that sleek and proportion lower body!


We hit upper body! Building toned arms and shoulders, which not only does wonders to how you look, but will leave you feeling extremely powerful.


We drive the volume and frequency of your results forward with another hard-hitting lower body session, with new exercises to maximize your lower body muscle growth.

Why do we only need to train 3 days a week?

You see, once you train a muscle group intensely, that muscle is in a state of repair and growth for approximately three days.

In fact, for the first few days, you may actually be temporarily weaker (this is because training damages your muscles and rest and recovery allow for you to rebuild stronger muscles). 

For maximum results, you want to hit your targeted muscle group again, once it’s fully recovered. This means the best strategy is to hit your targeted muscle group twice per week.

Training a muscle group more often than this will interfere with recovery and strength gain. Training a muscle group once per week can work for gaining strength and muscle, but results take a little longer.

Of course, we have a simple strategy for rest days...

Accelerated Fat Loss with Strategic Cardio & Walking:

Good news! You can throw away the fat loss gimmicks! I have a short and sweet method for effective fat loss that you can easily integrate in your every day. I’m not asking you to perform 50 burpees and exhausting circuit workouts, because this system is a no-BS approach to guaranteeing your transformation – and I don’t believe you need to suffer to realize this.

In the Accelerated Fat Loss Module, I’m going to outline the real problem as to why people struggle to burn fat and keep it off… Well, the problem boils down to how our society has become largely inactive. And there are a hundred coaches out there which will make you feel like you need to compensate for this with hours of daily cardio – but that’s not what this program is about.

To burn fat, the answer is to simply increase your calorie burn every day, and that doesn’t have to be a scary proposition! The strategies I define will encourage a healthy dose of daily activity, getting you to move more, which in turn gets you in touch with your body’s needs!

Fitness Tracking Spreadsheets:

Achieving an incredible transformation in 12 weeks means no more guesswork. I’ve created spreadsheets for your journey, making it as easy as going on your phone, looking at your workouts, and crushing it!

A Kino Baddie is a woman with purpose and direction. This program is designed to empower you with the tools needed to take control of your journey each step of the way. Tracking your workouts is an underrated practice, it keeps you focused and competitive with yourself. Challenging you to show up to your next training session and hit one more rep with a bit more intensity than last time.

Training Tutorials:

I teamed up with my friend Alexandra to record in-depth training tutorials showing you exactly how to perform the Movie Star Baddie workouts. You will see exactly how to execute the proper form to ensure optimal muscle growth in all the right areas, without wasting time doing it the wrong way or injuring yourself.

I’ve had clients make insane progress after long stretches feeling stuck, just by giving one piece of feedback on their form. If you’re new to training, these tutorials will make you into an expert in no-time. If you’re already working out, these are a great refresher to gear you up for the best results in 12 weeks.

Podcast Series with Kino Baddie Coach Lindsey:

When you join Movie Star Baddie you get instant access to hours of podcasts I recorded with Coach Lindsey!

Exclusive Sneak Peak From Our Podcast On Binge Eating

Exclusive Sneak Peak From Our Podcast On Intermittent Fasting

Are You Ready to Strip of Fat and Transform Your Body?

Featured Transformations!

UNBELIEVABLE Transformation By Abby

After 7 months, Abby sliced off 17 lbs of fat and gained some nice lean muscle and achieved the best shape of her life.

She even smashed her first pull up! So proud of you Abby. This is amazing!

Abby achieved this transformation with my old women’s program called Goddess Toning Program. The Kino Baddie program takes things to a whole new level.

Three intense workout phases, three nutrition plans, bodyweight program and some serious jam-packed podcasts!

This new program is a game-changer, and I’m betting helping you transform just like Abby was able to.

You really can’t begin to imagine what your body is capable of until you start working with the right training, nutrition, and baddie mindset!

What you will experience inside Kino Baddie will transform your life from the inside out.

Adapting what worked best inside Goddess Toning Program and Kino Booty – to deliver the most effective 12 week approach to locking in the body of your dreams!

INSANE Transformation by Lauren!

You really can’t begin to imagine what your body is capable of until you start working with the right training, nutrition, and baddie mindset!

What you will experience inside Kino Baddie will transform your life from the inside out.

Adapting what worked best inside Goddess Toning Program and Kino Booty – to deliver the most effective 12 week approach to locking in the body of your dreams!

In 10 months on the Kino Booty Program, Lauren gained serious muscle and what’s amazing was she was having hip problems before starting the program…

Lauren’s sister had to get reconstructive surgery at the age of 25 and her doctor told her she was heading in a similar direction – Gaining strength has helped her to the point where she no longer has any hip issues.

Finally, improving her strength and fitness has had huge effects on Lauren’s confidence and happiness. So proud of her!

I'm inviting you to invest in yourself...

If you want to create a real, life-long transformation, you have to want to invest in yourself.

How can it be that I have over a hundred hours of free content floating around the internet, thousands of articles written since 2011, and yet the 95% of the greatest client transformations sent to me are from clients who take my programs and follow them to a T?!

You see, making an investment in yourself shifts your focus, finally your results become meaningful to you. It gets your foot in the door towards building the body of your dreams.

Now, I’m not asking you for your first born child here! I’m inviting you to make a commitment to yourself. Kino Baddie will deliver a system for melting off fat, feeling and looking your best and developing perfect lean muscle.

All you need to do is show up and trust the process.

What we’re going to accomplish in the next 12 weeks…

Is something I wish for everyone who wants to build their dream body.

My question is – are you ready?


I’m running an exclusive promotional price to join Kino Baddie today until the promo timer runs out!

If you have any resistance on deciding whether or not this program is the right tool for you to transform your body…

I’m leaving you no excuses! Here’s why, let’s take a quick recap at what you experience when you join Kino Baddie…

Everything listed above is waiting for you inside Kino Baddie, along with an opportunity to join 12 WEEKS of VIP GROUP COACHING hosted by me to get an extra powerful & personalized push along the way...


$ 97
One-Time Payment for LIFETIME ACCESS to Kino Baddie
  • Module One: The Truth About Nutrition for Building an Incredible Body
  • The Five Biggest Nutrition Myths for Women Debunked
  • Nutrition Plan to Master Fat Loss & a Downright Stunning Body
  • Three Alternate Nutrition Strategies For Any Goal You Have
  • The Complete 12 Week Kino Baddie Workout Plan
  • Accelerated Fat Loss & Strategic Cardio Chapter
  • The Kino Baddie Training Tutorial Videos
  • Greg & Lindsey's Podcast Series
  • BONUS #1: Kino Baddie Excel Fitness Tracker
  • BONUS #2: Self-Hypnosis for Mental Mastery
  • BONUS #3: Calorie Tracking Guide (for fun!)
  • BONUS #4: Facebook Community with fellow Baddies

These Women Transformed Their Bodies With My Programs

If you're still not sure - LISTEN UP!

I’ve been coaching clients over 10+ years now, which means I have FULL FAITH in my ability to help you build your dream body. Not only that, I understand now exactly what makes my clients tick…

There’s not a single plateau or limiting belief in your fitness journey that I can’t turn on its head. If you’re having trouble targeting a specific muscle group, sticking to the right nutrition plan, or struggling with motivation – I will show you exactly what tiny adjustments to instantly get on track.

Like I said above, this isn’t an investment in me… I already know what I bring to the table and have proved it with hundreds of real testimonials.

This is an investment in yourself.

f you’re ready to…

Then joining Kino Baddie is an absolute no-brainer!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Because I’m completely serious about the results you will produce with Kino Baddie, I’m offering a 30-Day money back guarantee!

All I’m asking for in exchange is 30 days to try out the program, and if you’re not completely satisfied with it for whatever reason, I’ll refund you every penny!

The Results I've Consistently Produced for Clients is Why I 100% Believe Kino Baddie is capable of delivering astonishing results in just 12 weeks