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The most complete Masterclass for slicing off fat, gaining perfect muscle size & getting into Movie Star shape.​
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Welcome to Movie Star Masterclass

This is the most effective fitness program to slice off fat, gain perfect muscle proportion and look like an absolute Movie Star. This is accomplished with just three hard hitting workouts per week and the most enjoyable diet of your life. In fact, I eat like a king every single night.

Two years ago I released version one of Movie Star Body. In just a couple years Movie Star Body spat out thousands of the most impressive before and afters in the fitness industry. In fact, no other fitness program in the world has come close to the results Movie Star has produced.

Men that were overweight, bulky, average and even skinny fat – have followed the system to a tee to look like absolute movie stars. Not only did they achieve insane results, they did so in just 4-6 months.

Now, I’ve decided to take my most effective program, Movie Star Body, revamp it to make it more effective and powerful and deliver it as a 4 month masterclass to transform your body. It will be as if you hired me one on one.

Everything that I had to learn, understand and master to achieve my physique goals, I will be downloading into your brain. Over 40 video lessons to teach you everything you must know to transform. Plus, my most effective 4 month training and nutrition plan ever created.
Following the system to a tee will be easier than ever before. I will walk you through every step inside the program.




Craft The Physique Women Drool Over


Program Breakdown

Monday we will be hitting chest and arms heavy and light shoulders. Wednesday we will be hitting Legs & Traps. Friday we will be hitting shoulders and back heavy and light chest and arms. This is the most effective training split I’ve developed. By hitting chest, shoulders and arms two times per week we can speed up muscle growth in key areas and build the best physique possible.

Now the goal each month is to build up your four key lifts. These include – Incline Bench Press, Weighted Chin Up, Bulgarian Split Squat and Romanian Deadlift. The stronger you get on the key lifts the better your physique will look.

Inside the Movie Star Masterclass, I’ve included a fourth workout for those of you that want to train more often. This fourth workout will be done on saturday. It focuses on abs training, forearms and neck work. Since you’re just hitting smaller muscle groups, the forth workout won’t mess with recovery..

One of the keys to looking powerful and attractive is in developing a thicker neck. A thick neck is a sign of masculinity and power. If you look at most movie stars and male models, they have a low body fat and a thick neck of 16+”. In fact, adding 1-2” to your neck can make you look 10-15 lbs of muscle bigger and stronger. It also protects your brain from injury. This is why fighters train their neck.


The focus is on building strength, proportion and dense muscle size.
During the first 12 weeks we will:


This is the shrink wrap phase. Gaining strength is no longer the primary focus. The goal is to perform higher volume and trigger quick increases in size to produce a skin tightening effect
During the last 4 weeks we will:

these results speak for themselves

What you get with MOVIESTAR Masterclass.

4 Month Training System
You get the most effective four month training system created with in-depth training videos and exercise tutorials. 12 weeks of intense strength and proportion training. With multiple exercise substitutions and variations to allow for non stop progress. You get the most effective 4 week shrink wrap phase to produce quick size and fullness gains and look like you stepped off the movie screen. This four month training protocol can be done year round.
Minimalist Training Plan
You also get the minimalist training plan to train 2x per week and maintain muscle perfectly while focusing on definition and fat loss.
Physique Mastery Tracker (BONUS)
You get the physique mastery tracker. This will allow you to track your physique and strength progress throughout the entire program. It’s imperative we know exactly what is happening and where your body is transforming on this program.
Meal Plans (BONUS)
You get done ‘for you’ meal plans that you can follow to begin transforming your body now. As well, the top simple and downright enjoyable movie star recipes.
Nutrition Calculator (BONUS)
You get the movie star nutrition calculator to instantly find out exactly how many calories and protein you must eat for your goal and body type.
Nutrition Protocol (BONUS)
You get the four movie star nutrition protocols to transform your body. The cutting protocol to slice off fat & get chiseled. The aggressive fat loss protocol to push fat loss into high gear & cut fat quickly. The recomp protocol to maintain your weight & tighten up, & the lean bulk protocol to gain 8-10 lbs of lean mass in 4 months.

insane Results Life changing physique

MOVIE STAR masterclass

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The most effective fitness program to slice off fat, gain perfect muscle proportion and look like an absolute Movie Star.

With Movie Star Masterclass you are getting access to my greatest transformation program ever. Remember there is literally no risk. If you follow this program to a tee and aren’t experiencing the best results of your life within the first month, I will refund you, no questions asked.

But guess what… That literally will not happen. This is my greatest program to date. It is so simple to follow & when you crush the nutrition plan for your body type and lifting program – you get leaner & stronger every week.. The transformation you will experience on this program is greater than any other fitness program in the world.

We aren’t just dropping fat & gaining muscle. We are building the Movie Star Body. This is when you stand out from the pack. Perfect proportion & chiseled features. All you have to commit to is crushing 3 workouts per week, & following a super simple and enjoyable meal plan. If you can do that and commit yourself these next four months I will guarantee you the best body of your life.

Let’s do this!

Real People Real Transformations


See below for our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your answer or just want to say hello, send us an email at Our expert support team will be happy to help you!

Starting out it’s great to have a base level of strength, like performing 10 push-ups and 5 chin ups. That said, we’ve had many clients join that couldn’t perform a chin-up and after the first month, managed to bang out 5.

Most of the workouts for bodyweight training can be performed with zero equipment! We recommend having access to a pull up bar. Bonus equipment include cinder blocks or parallel bars for L-sits and full range pike push ups and handstand push ups. A pair of exercise bands or adjustable dumbbells can be used for this program but not necessary.

Platinum program is a 12 week weight lifting protocol, having access to a bench, a full bar, plates, a set of dumbbels is great – most things which one can find at their local gym.

We have an incredibly effective diet protocol to follow. That said, this approach revolves around intermittent fasting (until lunch each day) and hitting the appropriate number of calories and protein. Therefore, you can eat your favorite foods and meals while leaning down. Steak and potatoes, chocolate for dessert and lots of fruit fit the bill perfectly. That said, we also have some vegans that have adapted the diet to their needs.
Our clients consistently see results on just the second week of the program. It’s so awesome. That said, the real physical changes happen around the 4-week mark. This is where your friends will really start to notice. And by week 12 you will be blown away at the transformation you made. Of course, this only happens when you follow the program and are committed.
Most fitness programs do not work. They fail to focus on the variables and levers that really matter. Once you join this program, there’s no going back! Within the first 1-2 weeks, you will see dramatic improvements in strength. As well, you will be leaner and sharper. There’s a reason why we have so many incredible transformations. Most of our clients failed countless times before jumping on this program!
When you transform your body and improve your physique and confidence, life improves greatly. Investing in a PROVEN workout program is one of the best decisions you can make. So many of our clients began to excel in life, once they got their physique dialed in. It has dramatic effects on your confidence and even produces the halo effect. Being in top shape gives you a massive advantage in life.
Here’s what’s so amazing, I don’t care how busy you are, this is the perfect program to transform you. There are three workouts per week and each workout is approximately 45 minutes! If you want to train more, we have bonus workouts you can do on the other days. But let me tell you, when you are training intensely and pushing for personal records each session – three workouts per week gets the job done better than anything.

Here’s what’s crazy, many of my clients came to me after training 5-6 days per week and eating a super clean diet of 5-6 small meals per day. They were stuck, burnt out and frustrated. They switched to my program and they TRANSFORMED. How is this possible? How is it that doing less can work better?!

Here’s the reality, transforming your physique is simple. The goal is to increase strength and achieve progressive overload. This is why you build muscle in the first place. Now by training just three days per week, you give your body unbelievable recovery. Your muscular system and your nervous system. In fact, it’s a known fact that it takes your central nervous system about 48 hours to recover after an intense training session. So by training three days per week, you are well recovered and stronger each session. This is why my clients achieve unbelievable gains.

What’s more, absolutely, you can eat delicious meals and steak dinners and chocolate while getting shredded. Sounds to good to be true? It’s not. Fat loss is a simple equation. It’s about being in the perfect calorie deficit and consuming sufficient protein. When you begin fasting, you’ll be blown away at how much food you can eat – while hitting your calories and protein.

Now when you fall in love with your diet, getting into unbelievable shape becomes effortless. To the contrary, you can eat a clean diet of chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli – and if you overeat your calories, you can actually gain fat! My strategy is to make the diet focused on results. To ensure you hit the right numbers so your physique transforms. As well, it’s my goal to make the diet so enjoyable and easy to follow that getting the physique of your dreams is a walk in the park! There’s a reason why we have thousands of movie star transformations. Brutal diets aren’t sustainable.

Absolutely! Every single transformation shown, has been posted on my instagram @gregogallagher.. Each client has been tagged. Heck you can scroll through my instagram and privately message them if you like. I get sent unbelievable transformations daily and we get epic transformations posted in our fb group all the time. This program works better than anything and you are going to absolutely love it! No other program competes.
We offer a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase on digital programs.

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