Maximize Muscle Building Potential For a Physique Straight Out of a Superhero Movie

Greg here!

I’m excited to introduce The Superhero Bulking 2.0. program.

On this page I will show you the exact muscle building formula and nutrition strategies which we’ll be using to fo from “Good Shape” to SUPERHERO SHAPE.

Let’s get something clear…
This is not a mainstream muscle building course.

With Superhero 2.0, we are working with a specific goal, a goal which most people can’t even comprehend…

But first, before digging into the exact strategies for building a Superhero physique, let’s address why most muscle building programs haven’t figured this out yet.

I remember the moment clearly… Stepping on my scale when I was 19 years old, after working tirelessly for 6 months training like a typical bodybuilder would:

After 6 months of training and eating like this, I had packed on nearly 20 pounds! But, I looked WORSE.

At least half of the weight gained was pure body fat, and the rest was muscle packed on in all the wrong places.

Take a look at this picture, I was 19 years old at this time. As you can clearly see, the months I spent constantly training and eating only made me look bulkier and sloppier.

My face lost its chiseled definition, and my clothes started fitting awkwardly.

This was obviously not the physique I planned for when following mainstream muscle building programs back when I was 19 years old.

You see, there are three massive problems with pretty much every muscle building program in the world. And it’s exactly why you can’t rely on mainstream or bodybuilding advice to look like a modern day superhero. Let me explain…

Debunking The Three Problems in Most Muscle Building Programs...

Problem #1... Most muscle building programs haven’t yet figured out how to help you pack on muscle without gaining tons of body fat. Sure, you gain size and strength, but you end up with a slab of fat blurring your definition and totally ruining your aesthetic!

Problem #2… Additionally most muscle building programs pay little to not attention to proportion. They over emphasize flat benching and squatting. As a result, you end up gaining the majority of your muscle size on the easy to grow areas like your lower chest & upper thigh’s – turning you into a larger and more unattractive version of yourself.

Problem #3… Finally, most muscle building programs were made by guys who take steroids. These strategies often focus on way too much volume than a natural lifter can handle, causing plateau’s in strength and flatlining your muscle building potential. Hint: You break your own body down during training. Only from rest & proper training do you rebuild stronger.

How to Go From 'Good Shape' to Superhero Shape

Now the unfortunate reality is that gaining muscle as a beginner is a heck of a lot easier than building muscle at the intermediate and even advanced stage. To transform your body from good shape to Superhero Shape requires a very streamlined protocol.

Superhero Training 2.0 is the solution to looking like a real life superhero as a natural lifter.

With the right strategies, we will identify your weak spots and transform them into your assets.

Human beings are better at making progress when hyper-focused on unlocking one goal at a time.

Superhero 2.0. will help you break through your intermediate phase once and for all.

Client Transformations From The Original Superhero Bulking Program

Superhero Bulking Transformation: Ashely Bayley

Superhero Bulking Transformation: Ashely Bayley

Superhero Bulking Transformation: Levie De Jong

Superhero Bulking Transformation: Levie De Jong

Superhero Bulking Transformation by two friends who followed the program together!

Superhero Bulking Transformation by two friends who followed the program together!

An Incredible Physique Transformation From this Superhero Client!

An Incredible Physique Transformation From this Superhero Client!

Building The Superhero Physique

The Superhero Physique is craved, respected and admired. Achieving this balance of physical power and straight up sex appeal is very hard to do; getting lean and ripped isn’t enough and getting bulky does not look good! The name of the game is to strike the perfect balance of leanness and muscle size, all while enjoying life throughout the process.

Superhero 2.0 will show you how to build your physique and reach Superhero status, specializing in muscle building strategies to target specific muscle groups throughout 4 hard hitting training phases.

Superhero 2.0 Combines Two of The Most Effective Lifting Methods

Method #1: Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT)

Method #1: Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT)

Reverse Pyramid Training will prove more effective than any training method you’ve ever done. If you already have a few years of training under your belt and feel you’ve hit a plateau, RPT will get the wheels moving again.

Alternatively, if you’re relatively inexperienced, RPT will help you make the best strength and muscle gains compared to any other training approach. 

Now, if you’re already using RPT, then heck yea! The updated Superhero 2.0 will simply push you in the right direction, using this training method in a fully functional muscle building curriculum.

How Reverse Pyramid Training Works:

With RPT you’ll be doing your heaviest set first while you’re completely fresh. This means being able to handle heavy weights with more ease and power.

Mentally this is a huge advantahe, putting you in the winning mindset and ensuring maximum effort. This will lead to consistent personal records. Moreover, by only performing one maximum effort heavy set per exercise, you avoid creating excessive neural fatigue.

Meaning you’ll feel stronger and more refreshed than ever. Lifting heavy weights won’t turn into the grind that people so often dread, because they’re following the wrong strategies.

Method #2: Rest Pause Training

On specific muscle groups, we’ll be adding in some strategic rest-pause training to accelerate muscle growth. One of the primary reasons why lifting heavy and taking long rest periods is the most effective way to build muscle is because it results in a high level of muscle fiber recruitment.

So if you’re lifting at your absolute max for 5-8 reps, you’re likely using near-maximum amount of your muscle fibers for each and every rep. When you’re training with lighter weights and performing higher reps, you only come close to full muscle fiber recruitment on those last, really tough reps. Therefore, you have to do several sets with a light weight to trigger adequate muscle gains.

For example, if you did five sets of 10 reps with 60 seconds of rest, then you’ve done 50 reps total, but probably only 15 of those reps really counted towards full muscle fiber recruitment. Fortunately for us, there’s a loophole to get full muscle fiber recruitment with lightweight pump training. The answer, my friend, is rest-pause training.

How Rest Pause Training Works:

The premise of rest-pause training is simple: You want to pick a weight you can do for 12-15 reps before hitting complete muscle failure. This is your activation set. During the last few, really touch reps of the movement, you’ll start to use maximum fiber recruitment. It’s only when you’re using the maximum number of muscle fibers that you’re able to trigger the most amount of muscle growth.

Rest-pause training works hand-in-hand with reverse pyramid training to build maximum muscle growth.

Superhero 2.0 Has Four Hard-Hitting, Specialized Muscle Building Phases

Phase One: Chest Mastery

The first phase is the chest mastery phase. Our goal will be to ass some considerable size to your chest in 8 weeks. This will give your physique the impression of greater size as your chest starts to pop. A well developed, strong and plate of armor chest sets the stage for a great upper body. 

When it comes to building a phenomenally developed chest, it’s a matter of getting strong on core chest movements, such as bench press and incline press.

Good chest development is a strong indicator of your strength and fitness, which is why we’re kicking off Superhero 2.0 with Chest Mastery.

Phase Two: Shoulder & Trap Mastery

The second phase will be focusing on developing big, rounded deltoids. Having great shoulders instantly separates you from almost every other lifter. It’s very rare to see fully developed shoulders on a natural lifter these days.

This shoulder specialization program has gone through over a year of fine-tuning to allow for top tier shoulder development.

If there’s one thing which is my specialty, it’s building phenomenal, capped shoulders. This has been one of my main quests in my muscle building journey because, frankly, great deltoids are a rarity amongst natural lifters.

Having sculpted, fully developed shoulders are what give your physique an aesthetic look. Without building powerful shoulders, you’ll end up looking out of proportion.

Phase Two: Shoulder & Trap Mastery

Phase Three: Arm Mastery

Phase Three: Arm Mastery

For the third phase, we’ll be bringing up the arms. For some people, big arms come easy; for most of us, this is not the case. I’ve developed a protocol which will allow for consistent increases in the size and development of your arms.

After two months training on this routine, your arms will be big and powerful.

This routine works gangbusters, and has allowed me to pack high-quality size onto my arms with great consistency.

For Arm Mastery, heavy, hard, frequent training works best. This is why I love hammering arms two days per week: Once with heavy reverse pyramid training and once again with some rest-pause work or standard pyramid training. This will build the dense muscle size and promote most of the muscle you’ll carry.

Phase Four: Physique Mastery

This is the final physique we are building...

The final phase will allow for explosive, total body muscle growth. Instead of specializing hard on one or two muscle groups, we’ll be prioritizing your entire physique.

After a few weeks of this bonus phase, you will look your absolute best! Your body will be tighter and more muscular. You’ll also look leaner and better than ever before. 

The Physique Mastery phase is extremely effective for tying everything together. Giving your body, nervous system and joints a break from the very heavy lifting – we instead focus on producing a lot of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, while giving your joints and nervous system some much needed rest.

Phase Four: Physique Mastery

Access Two Nutrition Protocols For Building a Superhero Physique

If you need to gain muscle without adding fat...

The nutrition protocol for Superhero 2.0 is very simple. In fact, gaining muscle is very simple, only requiring the right calories and protein intake. As well, a balance of carbs and fat to support muscle growth and hormonal levels.

With the Lean Bulking protocol, I’ll be assigning you a moderate daily calorie surplus, which will support the maximum rate of muscle growth.

Now, to make building muscle as easy as possible, you want to just focus on hitting your calories and protein with wholesome foods. 

If you want to sharpen up and maintain your weight...

The Superhero program is designed for lean bulking, but depending on where you are now, you can also follow the program while dropping a little fat and gaining muscle. This is the recomposition protocol.

The recomp is what I reccommend if you’ve been too relaxed and maybe gained a little too much weight on the bulk. Alternatively, this option is great if you feel like you’re at a good weight and don’t want to put on any more size. Instead you may just want to get sharper with the recomposition protocol.

Meals You Can Enjoy While Following Superhero 2.0

The Benefits of Gaining Incredible Muscle Size

The fact of the matter is that being ripped to shreds means nothing unless you have the right amount of muscle mass to frame your physique. If you’re putting in the work tracking your macros, recording your workouts and destroying it in the gym – then surely you don’t want to go unnoticed. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, why are you really training? When we are really honest with ourselves, it largely comes down to a few key reasons…


Check out Chris Evans’ Superhero Physique in his role as Captain America. His body is exemplary of the strong and powerful chest, shoulders, and arms we are building!


Building the Superhero Physique is a clear and undeniable indication of healthy genes and because of this, women will naturally be more attracted to you. 

A strong physique also projects your ability to take care of yourself and protect your loved ones, communicating how you’re a strong man who can stand up for yourself.

Building a strong, superhero physique showcases that you have discipline, with a knack for delaying gratification (one of the strongest indicators of success later in life).

Becoming a man with a great physique who is driven, intelligent, well dressed, fun to be around, confident, and a great listener will make you a force to be reckoned with.

Strong & Powerful

Building the Superhero Physique requires developing incredible strength and power. Let’s face it, looking downright attractive is all fine and dandy – but you know what’s really cool?! Being powerful.

Turning your body into a modern day superhero, not just in looks, but in capability. This program is designed to not just make you look like a superhero, but to make you feel like a superhero. In fact, we have many people on the original program who are high level athletes, boxers and mixed martial artists. Simply because of how strong, athletic and powerful this program will make you.

Strong & Powerful

A great example of a strong & powerful Superhero physique is seen on actor Henry Cavill.

Confidence & Self Belief

Confidence & Self Belief

As you go through the next 8 months, you will develop unbelievable confidence. Each week, you will be smashing personal records in your training, leveling up in muscle mass and all of this will imbue you with unshakeable confidence.

It is my belief that real confidence is a by-product of success. As we become more successful and continuously tackle our goals, we become more confident. 

I don’t care if your life is a complete and utter mess – you can work through this program and begin an inner transformation as you build your physique. You will notice as each week passes, how you start to develop more and more self belief.

Transforming your body will build your self-belief, and this breeds success throughout your entire life.

Leadership & Success

As you transform yourself into Superhero shape and pack on pounds of well-placed muscle mass, you’re going to notice your social interactions and influence change. 

People will listen to you more, feeding off your resonant energy. They start looking to you for the answers, wanting you to take them under their wing and share what you’ve been doing.

You will command more authority, and other men will defer to your leadership. This is why building the Superhero Physique is such a powerful journey, the benefits are massive.

Leadership & Success

Special Launch Perks!

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  • 4 Hard Hitting Specialized Phases
  • Superhero 2.0 Lean Bulk Strategy
  • Superhero 2.0 Recomposition Strategy
  • Superhero 2.0 Excel Tracker
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